Sunday, November 06, 2005

WANDER St., Asheville (new Indie partner publication)

Title: WANDER St., Asheville

Style: Newsprint tabloid, published monthly

Distribution: Free at selected outlets, initial press run of first issue will be 1000 copies

Submissions Wanted: Short stories generally less than 6000 words, poetry, novels lending themselves to serialization, creative non-fiction

Genre/Subject matter: The best bet is to read a few editions of the indie. Target audience is urban, intellectually curious, the sort of people who frequent Malaprops and patronized the late lamented Beanstreets. "I don't want to meddle with style or content. Political work is fine, I like political fiction; erotica may be considered. . . I'd like to offer venue to a wide array of creative thoughts." As to styles of creative non-fiction, Pasckie said he's impressed by, "Capote's In Cold Blood, Kerouac's spontaneous prose, and Hunter Thompson's gonzo writing."

Copyright: Pasckie is not asking for any assignment of copyright. He welcomes work previously published elsewhere.

Payment: None, except having your work in print and read wherever Pasckie's peripatetic winds blow him. This will include the writers/publishers/agents conventions he attends.

Submission mechanics: Electronic submissions only, to Deadline is 15th-17th of the month prior to publication. Notification about acceptance will be by e-mail 3-4 days after submission.

Pasckie added this note: By the way, in case they are also interested, I am starting a weekly reading session (poetry, short fiction etc) at Courtyard Gallery (near Gypsy Moon, Cafe Soleil) on Nov 25. And I am launching WANDER there on the first week of Jan, with some wine and poetry and/or filmshows and music. This invite extends beyond the US mainland, but language is confined to English.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Bonfires for Peace in Manila, Part One

Pinikpikan, Kapatid
withTaggu Ndios, Chrome 8, Acidstone, Dahon
Emcee: Kathy Pajarillo

Friday. Oct 14, 2005. 8pm
Mayric's. España, Manila
[right across University of Santo Tomas
Php 150, inclusive of one drink]

The Traveling Bonfires -- with Tag Team Productions (Manila) & Marta Osborne (Asheville, North Carolina) -- launch Third World Asheville-Asia and The Georgiana R. Pascua Memorial Foundation. Proceeds go to Third World Asheville--Manila/Asia and GRP Foundation. For more details, email and, or call Jaja Campos at 09287782342 or 09224226748

Saturday, August 27, 2005

The Traveling Bonfires Extends Heart Outside Mainland America

THE TRAVELING BONFIRES Crosses Continental Boundaries, Reaches Out To The Third World…

The Third World Asheville-Manila Chapter and The Georgiana R. Pascua Memorial Foundation – two partner brainstorms/programs of The Traveling Bonfires in Asheville NC – are currently scouting for a pilot community in the Philippines’ Northern Luzon island (Cordilleras) and/or an urban poor community in metropolitan Manila to be the primary beneficiaries of these start-up initiatives.

US/overseas-based doctors, nurses, dentists (Filipinos, Americans etc) are enjoined to render free medical services to poor barrios (that we will later identify), and give entrepreneurship/medium-scale business field workshops/lessons, community communications seminars/crash courses, and other practical help/assistance. Third World Asheville and GRP Foundation are infant organizations, so bear with us… but we have good, reliable links and connections, we get by.

We hope that those who decide to render services to the barrios veer away from religious-sectarian/regional/ideological/traditional political advocacy. We will try our best to help those who are in need – irrelevant whether they are Christians or Muslims, whites or blacks, northerners or southerners, lowlanders or highlanders, or non-Communists or Communists, or simply apolitical citizens. We simply want to give help, straight out, as human beings to human beings…

We don’t also wish to collaborate with local or national politicians, corporate structures (big or small) in forwarding these projects—but we welcome their help, as long as they don’t meddle with our internal/organizational planning. Questions in regards this, I will be so willing to respond to—by emails, telephones, Instant Messengers, or in person, if there’s a mutually convenient way.

From time to time, Western world students and mission groups visit poor countries for research and study. Apart from broadening cultural and anthropological know-how, it’d be cool to also lend a hand and heart whenever you visit…A similar Bonfires pilot community is also being brainstormed in another Southeast Asian, African and/or South American country. Remember, these efforts could be done in the absence of money-in-the-bank. We should infect the vibe, gather the community, and lend a hand, share a heart. Things happen, like magic… just have faith.

Hence…donations, dole-outs (in cash, kind, services) are very much welcome. I mean, anything of value—old clothes, shoes, books, canned goods, magazines, even well-meaning, inspirational letters, referrals to groups and individuals who might wanna help etc. Boxes, bags or envelopes of value—just leave them a-front The Indie Crib’s door (if you live in Asheville), or email us to arrange how to pick them up… In the Philippines and elsewhere in the world, typhoons (hurricanes) happen almost 5 months a year—clothes, blankets, medicines help a lot.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

In Memory of my Mother, Georgiana R. "Conching" Pascua

IN MEMORY of my late Mother, Georgiana R. "Conching" Pascua, we will be launching or giving birth to the following initiatives.

[ ] The Georgiana R. Pascua Memorial Foundation.
This nonprofit organization shall focus on implementation of projects and advocacy efforts towards the welfare of women and children from mostly Third World countries--in recognition of their significance and importance in family and community institutions. A partner project in the US is called Third World Asheville [].

[ ] Palihang Conching.
This is an annual literary/songwriting competition, with start-up categories: (1) Filipino poetry [collection of 10], (2) English poetry [collection of 10], (3) Filipino screenplay, (4) Filipino short fiction, (5) English short fiction, (6) Song composition on family, community, global peace values [English or Filipino lyrics). Submission of entries officially start on Sept 1, 2005; announcement of winners on the last week of Jan 2006; and awarding rites on Feb 22, 2006.

As a launch activity for the above projects, a poetry reading/acoustic set concert is being organized, possibly set on the second week of Sept 2004, in Manila. It will be called "A Bonfires Night: Alay kay Lola Conching." Demi Patricia Pascua will be the main line producer (with Donna and Duane Pascua as co-producers), under close supervision from The Traveling Bonfires' main office in Asheville, North Carolina USA. Venue is currently subject to negotiations.

Four or five parallel projects will also be organized in the US:
[ ] Nov 18, Asheville NC. Grey Eagle. Featuring women-performers, poets, and singer-songwriters from Asheville, San Francisco, Boston.
[ ] Dec 3, Asheville NC. Grey Eagle. Main headliner is local folk-rock-blues sensation, Laura Blackley, plus local and visiting acts and performers, including Mississippi Cactus (from Michigan) and Asheville's Phuncle Sam.
[ ] We will be organizing shows and concerts in Sept and/or Oct in New York City, Richmond VA, and Baltimore, as part of the 2005 Vagrant Wind Road Journeys.

Partner Projects

[ ] Third World Asheville.
A women-supervised organization (but not gender-exclusive). Focus of advocacy are sociocultural realities in 3rd world societies/cultures.

[ ] Wander Monthly.
A literary "open mag," sibling publication of The Indie. Designed to break in new work by new creative writers, comics artists--as well as showcase choice work by published novelists, fictionists, essayists, poets.

[ ] Kids `r Indies.
A family-oriented children's playground/activity program that primarily iniatiates, inspires parental time with the family via light, freewheeling, fun projects.

[ ] Wander Workshop & Lectures.
A continuing series of lectures, filmshows, and discussions. Said activities mirror The Bonfires' commitment to providing a dynamic and active venue for multicultural perspectives and viewpoints in regards to current community and global realities.

[ ] Dark:30 Intimates & Warm Winter Welcome.
An informal gathering, soiree, hang out, potluck. Invites-only but "friends of friends" are encouraged. Poetry readings, film viewings, singer-songwriter sets, discussions, dinner, barbecue etc.

[ ] Vagrant Wind Road Journeys (and regular Bonfires) bookings.
The Traveling Bonfires continually, consistently books new unsigned acts, bands, poets, singer/songwriters, and diverse performers in and around Asheville NC, and up north--mostly downtown Manhattan, Baltimore, and Washington DC. and other North Carolina towns and cities. Occasionally we will also book road trips, mostly for fundraising gigs and events.

[ ] Handy Indie Services.
Just about anything that needs our creative talent, manual labor/services, human abilities, we can provide them. That includes--writing/editing, layout/graphics, babysitting, housekeeping, lawn mowing/weed-eating, carpentry, house painting etc etc etc.

[ ] More "Others."
1. Orphan Storm -- music publishing/compilations, indie/rag/zine publishing.
2. Rain Crafts, and other things -- crafts, accessories, jewelry etc from 3rd world countries/entrepreneurs.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Still Untitled

A Traveling Bonfires Songbook, Volume 2

[1] Blue Skies. Kimberly Summer
from, Listen,
[2] Hymn. Stephanie Rearick
from, Star Belly,
[3] Everything's Gonna Be Allright. Dashvara
from, Bonfires for Peace at Pritchard Park, Live 2005
[4] Heading Home. Vince Junior
from, Heading Home,

Those who have previously committed to submit cuts are Mambola ( from New York City, and Payoff from Maryland.

VOLUME TWO INVITES CONTRIBUTORS. We need ten cuts/songs to complete a compilation. Check out contact infos. Or email Pasckie Pascua at

Independently-produced (DIY-styled) and compiled by The Traveling Bonfires, and will solely be for the benefit of the participating bands and the continued existence of the spring to summer Bonfires For Peace events in downtown Asheville. Participants/contributors are those who already performed with The Traveling Bonfires-produced/booked/organized shows, concerts/events, and gigs. All copyrights will be reserved to the bands and their composers / songwriters.

Little White World

A Traveling Bonfires Songbook, Volume 1

[1] Bang On Yer Drums. David Cipriani
from, faith & doubt,
[2] Strange Things Have Happened. Lionz
from, Strange Things Have Happened,
[3] Little White World. Dawn Humphrey
from, You Don't Have To Wait Until Heaven
[4] House of Falling Cards. Hippie Shitzu
from, House of Falling Cards demo
[5] Corker. The Foolish
from, Brunch of Champions,
[6] Maghreb Winter. Vanessa Boyd
from, Unkept Woman,
[7] Obviously Non-sense. Gino Inocentes
from, Silverbladestereo
[8] Ode to the Beauty Queen. Pasckie Pascua & Duane's Poetry
from, A Pasckie Pascua Songbook, Orphan Storm
[9] A Long Way Home. Julie White
from, Live at Malaprops, produced by Matthew Mulder
[10] Driftwood/Epilogue. Julie White and Matthew Mulder
from, Live at Malaprops, produced by Matthew Mulder

Independently-produced (DIY-styled) and compiled by The Traveling Bonfires, and will solely be for the benefit of the participating bands and the continued existence of the spring to summer Bonfires For Peace events in downtown Asheville. Participants/contributors are those who already performed with The Traveling Bonfires-produced/booked/organized shows, concerts/events, and gigs. All copyrights will be reserved to the bands and their composers / songwriters.

The Traveling Bonfires. May 2005.
70 Woodfin Place, 70 Woodfin Place, Suite 01,
Asheville, North Carolina 28801, USA

diverse and vibrant...

By Dale Allen Hoffman

Various Artists.
Little White World: A Traveling Bonfires Songbook, Volume 1

Well, the Traveling Bonfires for Peace have finally done it. Their first compilation is now complete and work has already begun on Volume Two. If the strong interest in Volume One is any indication of future success, then maybe we can look forward to many more to come.
Baltimore’s Dave Cipriani kicks the compilation wide open with “Bang On Yer Drums”. Cipriani’s command of exotic mid and far eastern instruments and textures serves him well in taking a fairly straight ahead college rock feel and giving it an international flavor/a feast of sliding instruments and a distinct, Kravitz-like voice. “Strange Things Have Happened” from Athens Georgia’s Lionz (top photo) treads eerily close to Peter Frampton’s mid-70’s mega-hit “Do You Feel Like We Do” in chord progressions and feel, but with a heavy funk edge. Raspy lead vox grit and alluring, soulful female backup vocal bellows transport this track to another level and save it from the knock-off heap. As with many Lionz tunes, this one’s got a great guitar solo with a gorgeously silky overdriven tone.
Ever present Traveling Bonfires unofficial house band Hippie Shitzu offers “House of Falling Cards”. Hippie Shitzu’s party band feel brings to mind the crowds of dancing, twirling bodies that always accompanied their many appearances at last year’s Bonfires at Pritchard Park series. Dawn Humphrey, often accompanied by only an acoustic guitar and her own pipes, rocks with a band and belts out the compilation’s namesake, “Little White World”. Dawn’s strong lyrics reflect on the blissfully ignorant preference of many citizens to simply look the other way and choose not to take in reality as it is, choosing instead not to rock the boat and creep through a bane existence.
Progressive trip doctors The Foolish reveal a strong English pop influence with a touch of Haight-Ashbury introspection on “Corker”. Layers of sound blend together to create an almost otherworldly, dreamy journey. Vanessa Boyd’s “Maghreb Winter” showcases her tight, Joni-esque vibrato and at times haunting vocal delivery. Repetitive, mantra-like acoustic guitar and light percussion work together very well on this sparse, understated track.
“Obviously, Nonsense” from Gino Inocentes repeats it’s two chord structure for the duration of the track and feels oddly satisfying at it’s end. It’s refreshing to not have the obligatory verse, chorus, bridge thing for once.
Pasckie Pascua & Duane’s Poetry’s single acoustic guitar and vocal “Ode to the Beauty Queen” is sadly lacking good sound quality due to it’s many years old copy of a copy of a copy of a cassette tape source material. A strong vocal with an incredible memory; performance and great lyrics regardless.
On “A Long Way”, Julie White gives an incredible vocal performance at the near legendary Malaprop’s bookstore/café, Asheville’s place to read and be seen, and drink incredible coffee. Ms White appears again on the closing track, Matthew Mulder’s poetry, “Driftwood”, also recorded at Malaprop’s. On that same night, Mulder, The Bonfires’s resident emcee/poet extraordinaire, closed out a great night of music, and poetry and good times... and, of course, what could be a better, fitting way to close a diverse and vibrant compilation.
[The Indie. Asheville NC]

Third World Asheville

A Sister Project of The Traveling Bonfires and The Indie

Third World Asheville—or 3rdWAsheville—is a newly-conceived community organization that advocates/pursues/crusades women concerns and issues, and is fronted and initiated by women but not necessarily gender exclusive. The organization enjoins both sexes to forge a synergetic/collaborative relationship towards the common good of the community, in the micro, and the global village, in the macro.3rdWAsheville is still on its formative and recruitment phase. It hasn’t focused its energy and concentration yet on specific concerns, ie wholistic humanity, sociopolitical advocacy, domestic/family issues, etc. The last half of the year is primarily devoted to publicity, promotions, interest-generation, and hopefully, recruitment.

Moreover, the organization’s guiding principles and project programming essentially focus on sociocultural realities in Third World countries and societies. Hence, a multicultural perspective to current women issues easily becomes the dominant heartbeat that gives life to 3rdWAsheville’s vision-mission.

For the meantime, with the help of its partner projects—The Traveling Bonfires and The Indie—3rdWAsheville hopes to attract community interest, gather interested individuals and (possibly collaborating) organizations through a series of musical/artistic/cultural meetings/gathering, events and activities. This, while we help like-minded organizations and advocates to help direct attention and concern towards current 3rd World women issues and problems. Aside from a concert series featuring local and visiting women acts and performers, we also plan to organize lecture series, outdoor workshops, internet interface among women from different cultures and countries, and filmshows & exhibits.

For more details, email Marta Osborne (founding/acting chair) at, or call (828) 225 5994.